Inspect This Out Strip Method of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a little but Refined operation used to replace the missing hair on scalp, eyebrows, beard or on any other area of the body in which the hair follicles are permanently lost, in women and men. Since genetic baldness or ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ – also called Alopecia Androgenetic – pronounced silo-pee-Shia An-drop-gene-it-ca is the most common form of hair loss in men, without a medical treatment to fully reverse it in a later stage – baldness remains the remedy of choice. Oftentimes, however, medical therapy with topical and oral drugs can be implemented if the hair loss is in its early phases. For instance, in a young boy in his 20’s with premature genetic hair loss and a very strong history of hereditary hair loss in parents, a medicine called finasteride may be an effective treatment. Also, another medication called Minoxidil when used topically in a concentration of 2% -5% twice daily on the balding area of scalp may significantly reduce the baldness.

When none of those medications work and the individual is already having a substantial hair loss where the change is deemed to be hopeless with medications alone, baldness is the best choice. Simply described, hair transplant in pune Is a surgery where hair are removed from the standard scalp on the back of the mind – the region which never grows completely bald in many men as the hair in this specific region are resistant to the damaging effects of the testosterone hormone responsible for the hereditary baldness. This is well known for quite a while after years of study which the hairs in this field remain healthy and don’t fall even if they are transferred to a different area of scalp that is vulnerable to baldness in genetic baldness. So, the healthier non-falling hair don’t care about their place and remain in place because their genetic material makes them resistant to hair fall. In hair transplant surgery, these resilient hairs have been removed and are implanted in the bald or balding area on the front of the head scalp where hereditary baldness typically damages hair.

The question arises as to how If the hair be taken from the back of the mind called as would nor place’ as this region donates the hair to be transplant on the bald area. Among the most famous, evaluated and practiced methods of carrying out the hair from donor area is popularly called as strip method. In this method a strip of approximately 1-2 cm width and 20-25 cm span is incised and removed from the donor area from the back of your mind. Obviously, the entire skin together with its hair is incised care for the roots of the hair to not get damaged. Since the strip is taken out in a surgical suite with all the surgical facilities such as surgical lighting, well placed and observable surgical field with magnification glasses to help assist the surgeon to prevent injury to the hair root hair follicles generally, the odds of cutting across and ruining the hair follicles is very small. And this is the beauty and the significant benefit of this strip method over any other technique like ‘follicular unit extraction’.